What Things You Should Consider While Choosing Commercial Lighting

What Things You Should Consider While Choosing Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting fixtures are becoming more and more popular among business owners. They have come to understand that proper commercial lighting improves the working environment. It also has a favorable effect on customers. So, you might wonder how to choose the perfect commercial light for your space. This article will help you in this regard.

In this commercial lighting buyers guide, I'll discuss a few important things to consider while choosing commercial lighting, along with some other information you might find helpful.

Commercial Lighting vs. Residential Lighting: What Are the Differences?

Lighting for homes and businesses may have a similar appearance, but their design, functionality, and construction could not be more dissimilar. The main distinction between lights used in homes and businesses is their intended use. Besides, they are also different in terms of cost, durability, and design.

People frequently utilize residential lighting as an ambient light to enhance the appearance and inside of a home. On the other hand, commercial lighting is more focused on establishing a secure and productive environment.

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Moreover, commercial lightings are generally more durable. Furthermore, manufacturers must construct commercial LED lights having additional features. For example, these must have an IP certification to withstand water and dirt because of the demanding circumstances and long working hours.

Additionally, commercial lightings are also more expensive than residential ones. It is because they offer many extra features. And their design also varies from each other.

Top 10 Things to Consider while Choosing Commercial Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of commercial space. So, there are many things to consider while choosing commercial lighting. The following are some of the things to keep in mind while picking commercial lighting for a space:

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1. Do Proper Research

First, make a well-informed decision when selecting fixtures for your lighting by doing some research. If feasible, learn about other companies' concepts and compare them. You'll discover that most organizations have since eliminated dangling bulbs from their lining layouts.

Moreover, some organizations use different lighting concepts to enhance aesthetic value or boost productivity. As a result of your inquiry, you might also learn practical information. For instance, you might discover the accurate prices of different lighting and what lights are ideal for workplace lighting designs.

2. Pick Cost-effective Fixtures

The main objective in a commercial setting is to boost earnings as much as conceivable. Your company will be more profitable when you can accomplish this without paying high overhead expenses. And an efficient lighting system is economical to install and uses little energy.

Well, choosing business LED lighting is one approach to cutting costs. LED commercial lighting fixtures cost more than conventional ones. However, they can assist you in saving up to 75 percent of your electric bills in the long run.

3. Consider Proper Light Output

High-intensity light fixtures and high-output fluorescent lights are both available. Again the energy efficiency and financial savings of LED lighting are further benefits. So, it would be best if you established a careful balance to support the advancement of your business lighting system.

In most situations, LED lighting is preferable to other conventional lighting solutions. Besides, wholesale lighting is advantageous. It is because it can deliver more light in addition to being reasonably priced. Furthermore, you can enhance this installation by using a surveillance system for energy usage with automated systems.

However, automatic light control provides the most secure and efficient technique to reduce energy use. That, too, while maintaining the desired illumination output. It will automatically dim or turn off a light when it is not in use.

4. Aesthetic Value

The aesthetics of your commercial space create a welcoming atmosphere. If done correctly, it improves the facility's existing features' aesthetics.

Additionally, it aids in creating the ideal atmosphere to greet your clients and psychologically impact them. For instance, choosing the right fixtures in workplace lighting gives you a fun and exciting environment to work in.

Aesthetic lighting is becoming one of the most crucial image-enhancing techniques as company competitiveness intensifies. To keep up with the competition, employing cutting-edge lighting strategies in your building might be ideal.

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5. Pick Appropriate Lighting Fixtures for the Ceiling

Particular types of ceilings can only accommodate certain fixtures, while others need extra modifications to fit. So, you must pick the appropriate lighting for your office space ceiling.

Additionally, you might think about selecting lighting fixtures that will let you use various light designs. Besides, try to choose one that will blend in with the aesthetic of your current Ceiling.

6. Consider Fixtures' Durability

Installing lighting equipment with a short lifespan is pointless. The material's strength and resilience are apparent even during manufacturing. Ensure the fittings you select won't need to be replaced soon after installation. Moreover, ensure the brand or business where you purchase your lighting has a reputation for excellence.

Always look for high-quality labelings, such as those from Environmental Testing laboratories or Underwriters Laboratories. These labels demonstrate that the lighting has complied with quality and safety standards. So, compared to questionable brands, such fixtures seem to last for a sufficient time.

7. Color Temperature

A source of light might be both cool and warm. Well, there are about three major types of white light. And it might be neutral, warm, or cool.

Contrary to popular belief, the color temperature has more to do with a light's color level than its heat output. Higher Kelvin values, such as those between 3600 and 5500 K, are chilly temperatures.

However, if it is low, it is regarded as a warm temperature, between 2700 and 3000 K. In cold light, the contrast is more remarkable. Warm light seems to be more aesthetically pleasing since it has less contrast.

Moreover, individuals prefer warm lighting in shops and other retail venues due to its stunning effects on skin and clothing. Additionally, it gives the room a more cozy appearance. On the contrary, cold lighting gives the impression of more space.

8. Bulb Sizes

There is a wide variety of bulb sizes available. However, you must select the bulb sizes based on the commercial space's size. One could use more giant bulbs if the area is large enough. Small-sized bulbs, however, can be appropriate if the room is not too large.

Remember, if you put large lights in a tiny place, it will look uncomfortable. On the other hand, the lighting would be inadequate if the area is large and you lack sufficient lights. Thus, the site will appear drab and unattractive.

9. Light Layering

Among the better alternatives for business is to layer typical LED lights. Simply choosing bright lights and placing them throughout the place is not a good idea. It will leave the area looking less inviting and may also tire the eyes. The overall space will have a greater depth and appear more intriguing if you apply contrast after layering your light sources.

Furthermore, you can use ambient light, often known as general illumination. After that, you can arrange accent, task, and decorative lighting in that order. Besides, it would help if you paired the lamps with the same hue. Moreover, you can add dimmers as well. It will give you control over how much energy is utilized.

10. Consider the Workplace Environment

Once more, your lighting design's quantity, positioning, color, brightness, and temperature should all support the space's intended use. Determine the purpose of the structure first. If the area involves operating heavy machinery easily and securely, it would require bright, consistent, and cool lighting for employees.

On the other hand, a restaurant requires accent lighting to draw attention to the wall art and a softer "mood" lighting. Don't forget that the main factor influencing your light designs and planning must be the space's intended use.


Commercial Lighting Fixtures are undoubtedly a vital part of a business space. By now, you've got to know the things to consider while picking commercial lighting. Hopefully, you've found this article helpful. Thanks for reading through. Good luck!