Different Types Of Floor Lamps And How To Select The Perfect One For You

Different Types Of Floor Lamps And How To Select The Perfect One For You

It can be exhausting to find the perfect floor lamp that matches your style. In such situations, the decision for a suitable floor lamp can be even more confusing due to the myriad of different options ranging from modern floor lamps to classic ones. So, to enhance the interior décor of your room, you need to be aware of all such types.

From traditional club floor lamps to modern tree lamps, you have thousands of options to choose from to add dramatic flair to your house. Additionally, to choose the perfect floor lamp for you, you need to consider your preference, height, purpose, shape, size, and so on.

Each category of floor lamp is suited to give you variety and diversity. But to achieve this versatile look, you need to choose the perfect one that creates the perfect ambiance and illuminates every square of your room perfectly. To help you in this process, let’s get right into the discussion. So, before you go shopping for floor lamps online. Read through till the end.

Different Types Of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps enhance the overall interior beauty of your home. It also offers functionality, versatility, and durability. So, you should be aware of the different types of floor lamps such as club floor lamps, torchiere lamps, glass tray lamps, six-way floor lamps, tower lamps, and so on.

Therefore, the selection of floor lamps should be dealt with having the right choices in mind and also with precision. This is because each lamp has its unique characteristics and purpose. Thus, the knowledge of several different floor lamps will just make your selection a bit easier.

1. Club Floor Lamp

Club lamb perhaps is the most common type of floor lamp that people have in their house. This is a lamp that has a simple decoration as it only has a solid base and a lamp shade.
This type of floor lamp is also known for its even distribution of light. Moreover, club lamps also come in adjustable types and they are known for their area lighting purpose.

2. Tripod Floor Lamp

A tripod floor lamp is a perfect contemporary lamp that goes flawlessly with your living room or bedroom. This type of lamp doesn’t have a single column that holds the lampshade.
Instead, it consists of three separate legs that hold the weight of the bulb and the lamp shade. In addition, tripod floor lamps are also known to create the perfect visual break.

3.Torchiere Floor Lamp

Torchiere is one of the most common floor lamps. It is famous for its unique posture. A torchiere floor lamp has a very beautiful torch-like shape for its lampshade which is situated on a single straight column.
In addition, its light fixture is pointed upwards, so it creates this beautiful ambient lighting where it looks like the light is pouring out of the lamp. A torchiere floor lamp is very easy to place anywhere in the house because of its unobtrusive nature.
Moreover, the versatile nature of the torchiere provides such a density of light that it can cover your whole room. It also requires minimal floor space and thus does not create a cluttered look.

4.Six-Way Floor Lamp

The six-way floor lamp is the perfect mixture of old-school and modern styles. This type of floor lamp is also known as mogul lamp or candelabra lamp.
Six-way lamps almost look like the shape of a tree lamp. It is very helpful to light up a very large room. This is because six-way floor lamps come with a central 3-way bulb system. These multiple bulb lights under one lamp shade will provide ample light.
In addition, you can also light up all the bulbs simultaneously or you can light them separately. This type of lamp also has a six-way switch system which is also very effective and durable.

5. Tree Floor Lamp

Tree floor lamps are also known as multiple-way lamps which contain several lamps originating from a single pole. This type of lamp provides a very sophisticated, modern look for your home.
Moreover, it got its name from its treelike posture. A tree floor lamp also contains one light source that lights multiple bulbs and provides lights to a myriad of different directions

6. Glass Tray Floor Lamp

Glass tray floor lamps are like multipurpose lamps. This is because glass tray floor lamps provide storage space in the form of a glass table at the table height of the lamp.
Glass tray floor lamps are the best to be put on small places where end tables don't fit appropriately. This type of lamp also provides the perfect visual break for your eyes and the overall look of your room.

7. Down Bridge Floor Lamp

If you want a task or reading lamp, then a down bridge floor lamp is the perfect choice for you. This is because down bridge floor lamps provide a downward light system.
It has a single pole that extends straight but curves at the top and has the lampshade in a hanging position. This type of lamp is very modern-like with its unique stature and look.

4 Things To Consider While Choosing The Perfect Floor Lamp

The creation of proper lighting ambiance and perfect visual break are some of the things you need to consider while choosing the perfect floor lamp. Moreover, other considerations may also include height, size, shape, purpose, and so on. Choosing the perfect floor lamp doesn’t only consist of buying one out of the market. Instead, it depends on your preference, the room's structure, the available space, and so on. So, you need to take account of all these determinants to get the perfect floor lamp.

1. Height

One of the things that you need to consider while choosing the perfect floor lamp is the height of the lamp itself. Height is important to consider because the light source depends on the height. Moreover, the height of the room is also a determinant factor to choose a floor lamp.

2. Purpose

The purpose is another determinant factor that helps you to choose the perfect floor lamp for your house. Accordingly, there can be several reasons why you want to buy a floor lamp. It can be for enhancement, for reading, for a decorative touch, and so on.

3. Give A Trial

Another thing that can help you make the perfect choice for a floor lamp is related to placing the lamp in the room before purchasing. Accordingly, this will help you to be sure of the right size and color of the lamp. Otherwise, you may risk having a disproportionate floor lamp that will just look odd with the rest of your room's features.

4. Size And Shape

It is really important to consider the size and shape of the floor lamp before purchasing. So, one thing that you need to do is to make sure that the size of the lampshade is wide enough to cover all the bulb features. In addition, you also need to make sure to get a lampshade that is 40% of the lamp's height. Otherwise, it can look disproportionate and irregular.


There are thousands of different floor lamps available in the market for you. But you need to choose the perfect one by basing your decision on your preference, size, shape, and purpose.

After that, all you need to do is to choose one from choices varying from modern floor lamps to old-school ones to get the rightful floor lamp for you.