Faqs By General FAQs

1. Do you have a showroom where I can see the light in person?

To offer affordable pricing, we have a 'direct from the makers' business model. That means no physical stores. No showrooms. No middlemen. We're just a passionate team offering you a new smart way to shop lighting: cutting out the fuss so you can get beautifully made designer pieces at a price to suit you.

2. So, I am very interested in your products, can I see them before purchasing?

We didn’t have any physical showroom somewhere. We endeavor to provide the best possible information on each designer piece that is on site. We include detailed product descriptions, high quality images, specifications and profiles for each light. Furthermore, we can even take close up photos of the product in our warehouse for you on request. If that is not enough, we provide you a 14 day returns policy to ensure absolute satisfaction. 

3. Why do you sell cheaper than competitors?

We buy directly from the manufacturer and we sell directly to final customer, there is no other intermediary unlike other brands who work with traditional sale channels.

4. Is all replica lighting the same?

No. Not all replica versions are the same. Several of our competitors are sourcing from cheaper suppliers resulting in the quality of their product being substandard.

5. How do you maintain my privacy?

Woo Lighting is 100% committed to maintaining your privacy. All personal information you provide such as your credit card number, name, billing address, delivery address, telephone number and email will remain strictly confidential. We will not supply your personal information to a third party except to the financial institution that processes your credit card transaction for purposes of satisfying a purchase or request from you, for which you have given your expressed consent or if required by law.

6. Where Does Woo Lighting Ship to?

We deliver to most countries around the world.

7. How much will the shipping cost me?

For most of customers, FREE SHIPPING if you purchase online.

For some customers from some islands, please contact us to quote the shipping fees before placing your order.